How to Check if the Aadhaar Card is Deactivated?

Did you hear the latest news on Aadhaar card?

81 lac Aadhaar card has been deactivated till now by UIDAI. Although the UIDAI states that the reason for your Aadhaar card deactivation is stated under Section 27 and 28, the reasons for deactivation have not been maintained yet for individual cards.

Now that the Aadhaar card has become very vital for PAN and Income tax related processing’s, you must not leave your Aadhaar card status unattended. The deactivation process was initiated for all the Aadhaar cards that did not meet the ALCM guidelines.

Why was your Aadhaar card deactivated?

1) The Aadhaar card was for a child under age of 5. If the biometrics were not verified again at the attainment of age 5(a prerequisite).In this situation the Aadhaar card will be declared invalid or deactivated?

Similar is the case for a child who turns 15 years. He or she will have to verify the biometrics again to keep the Aadhaar card valid.

2)  A window since two years also needs to update the biometrics otherwise she might face Aadhaar cancellation or deactivation.

3)  If your eAadhaar card is not under the ALCM guidelines it will be deactivated.

Easy steps to Check the status of Aadhaar card:

1)  Open the official website of UIDAI and click on ‘Verify Aadhaar Number’.

2)  Next page asks your 12 digit Aadhaar number and the security code(displayed on the screen)

3)      Click ‘Verify’

4)      The next page will give you the current status of Aadhaar card. If it says “Aadhaar Number ************ Exits’, it means your Aadhaar card is still active.

The status pulls some more information on the screen like state, gender, and age.

If the status shows ‘Aadhaar number does not exist’, this means your Aadhaar card has been deactivated. You need to update the required details as soon as possible otherwise it could lead to Aadhaar card cancellation.

How to activate the Aadhaar card?

Are you among the 81 lac Indian residents who lost the active status of Aadhaar card? The activation process is simple.

1)      Visit the closest Aadhaar Enrollment center.

2)      Ask the center for ‘Aadhaar update form’.

3)      Re-verify your Biometric information.

4)      Supporting documents that will have to be submitted are:

  1. a)Valid Government ID proof: Ration card, PAN card, driving license.
  2. b)Birth certificate: If you do not have a birth certificate a letter head signed by a gazetted officer will be considered valid.
  3. c)Proof of residence: Passbook, Passport or Voter ID card.

A fee of Rs 25 will be charged from you to verify your details again.

Note: Aadhaar activation cannot be done online as it requires biometric verification

Many Aadhaar cards were deactivated when the UIDAI asked for linking of Aadhaar card and PAN card. As government identified many fake PAN cards, the people holding those PAN cards were suspected to have done a foul play in Aadhaar cards too.


Updated: September 19, 2019 — 6:40 am

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