Link Aadhar Card to Pan card for NRI’s and Foreigners

For the year 2017 and onwards Aadhar card is mandatory for income tax filling for all Indian residents. The Indian residents need to link the PAN card to Aadhar card number before filing the income tax otherwise the PAN card will be deemed void after December 2017. The Non-Resident Indian’s also file Income tax returns every year for the income in India.

The Income may be rental or the fixed deposits. Will the NRI’s also have to get an Aadhar card and link it to the PAN card to file the income tax returns? Let us get some facts cleared first, read our article on How to Link Aadhar card to Pan card and if it is mandatory. 

NRI’s who don’t need to have Aadhar card and its linking:

The Aadhaar card is clearly exempted to NRI’s who have not been on Indian soil since last 6 months or 182 days in last 12 months and do not need to link the PAN card to Aadhar card before filling the Income tax refunds. In case the NRI holds the Aadhar card number they can always link it to PAN card to keep the information up to date.

NRI’s who do need to have Aadhaar card and its linking:

As per the 139AA Income tax act of India, Aadhar card is mandatory for the NRI’s who have stayed more than 182 days or 6 months at a stretch or cumulative over the last 12 months. These NRI’s need to link the PAN and the Aadhaar card to file the income tax return.

So before you consider yourself in the category of <182 days stay in India make sure – if you are filing tax on or after 01/07/2017 and have stayed in India for more than 182 days on the date you file the income tax return then you need to have an Adhaar card and linked to PAN.

What applies to the expats in India?

An Expat residing in India for more than 182 days or 6 months in last 12 months is also eligible for Aadhaar card. So they do need to link the Aadhar card to Pan card before they apply for Income tax refund.

As an NRI are you planning to play safe next time and apply for Aadhar card. As an NRI you need to fit a criterion that is yet not clear to apply for an Aadhaar card as the it is being issued to the Indian residents only.

In case you fail to meet the criterion a violation will be registered on your Aadhar Enrollment number that may cause objections in future Aadhaar enquiries. Stay easy till the clear guidelines for NRI’s roll out.

How to link Aadhar card to PAN for NRI:

If you are an NRI and having an Aadhar card already just link the PAN card in some easy steps. If you don’t have a hard copy, then you can also use your eaadhar.

    1. Open the link  and click on Link Aadhaar on left sideHow nri can link pan card
    2. Enter the PAN, Aadhaar no. and your name as given in Aadhar card without any spelling mistake and submit. After verification from UIDAI, the linking will be done.     

In case the linking fails just make sure the Aadhar and PAN names are same. If they are not you need to get the PAN details updated.

As an NRI you should be aware of any changes that impact your Aadhaar card application and linking to PAN card to keep your ITR from being a defective one.

Updated: September 19, 2019 — 6:40 am


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